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Slumberwell baby

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Tissy Mon 17-Jun-02 15:06:38

I recently posted a question on another topic (sleep, I think) about the Slumberwell baby bean bag mattress. The website and ads in Parenting mags claim better sleep for baby. Despite a couple of negative responses, I bought one, as I was desperate, and thought you lot out there might like some feedback. (Or alternatively maybe your experience was different to mine, and you'd like to argue!).

The bean bag is roughly the size of a cot mattress. There is a mesh bag filled with polystyrene beads, and an outer cotton cover. You can add/remove beads to adjust the volume of the contents. There is a strong "polystyrene" smell which wears off pretty quickly. My daughter has been sleeping on it for a month now,initially watched very carefully. She cannot wriggle off it, as any wriggle results in her just adjusting her position where she is!

I don't think that it has significantly improved our daughter's sleep, and suspect that the makers just had one of those unusual babies who will sleep for ages wherever they are put! It is however, extremely light, and not terribly bulky, and we would expect to be able to use it in lieu of a travel cot, at least until dd is able to walk about, when sides would be an advantage! The total cost is about £70 and I wouldn't say that it was terribly good VFM.

Any one else out there tried it?

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