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Thinking of buying a Trunki ride on - are they worth it?

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NottsMum Sat 17-Mar-07 20:33:02


We're about to go on some long-haul flights with our 2 DDs who are 2.5 and nearly 6. Am thinking of buying the Trunki ride on suitcases so they are entertained by the contents and the case itself in the airport.

Before I splash out (not sure whether to buy 1 or 2) I wondered if anyone could say whether they are they worth the money. They're £25 each unless someone's found them cheaper.

See here



somersetmum Sat 17-Mar-07 20:37:49

They were on Dragons Den and none of the Dragons invested, because they proved them to be dangerous - the cord came off easily, iirc.

BouncyTigger Sun 18-Mar-07 08:12:53

Our DD (2.5) got one for Christmas, as we're off to Australia this year. She loves it and adores packing it when we go away to grandmas for a weekend (asks for her trunki for days before we go). Not really tried pulling her around on it but she loves to ride on it. Was quite amazed how much stuff you can get in it.

Blackduck Sun 18-Mar-07 08:15:28

I think you'll find they made some changes following Dragons Den...DS has one and they are quite sturdy, but haven't really tried pulling him along on it...

noonar Sun 18-Mar-07 08:17:27

we are disappointed with ours. seems v flimsy and strap fall off.

Loopymumsy Sun 18-Mar-07 14:01:03

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Sun 18-Mar-07 14:03:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whoooosh Sun 18-Mar-07 14:05:08

My DD absolutely loves hers-first used at 18mts.
The strap can come off but I have never seen is at a major issue as by now she pushes herself along on it anyway.

It was hijacked in the lounge by several other children too-they just seem to love them.

NottsMum Wed 21-Mar-07 23:03:08

I bought one! It was delivered yesterday and my 2 DDs have almost come to fisticuffs over it!

Don't think I can stretch to another one though as the reason we're buying it is because we're emigrating to Australia and our luggage will be at full capacity (plus pushchair!)

I agree, the strap does come off easily but they don't seem too bothered.

amidaiwish Thu 19-Jul-07 15:41:19

how are you getting on with it?
anyone else?
DD1 is nagging for one, but how are you supposed to manage that plus everything else in the airport? i don't really believe she would pull it herself for more than, ooh, 3 minutes.

and of course, what DD1 gets, DD2 has to get. the same, identical, or risk WW3.

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