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Need foundation/concealer recommendations

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Pollyanna9 Wed 10-May-17 22:28:24

Hi all

I'm getting fed up with my foundation at the moment. Even after just a few hours it's 'moved' and not just on the nose (where I get REALLY) greasy, but all over. Any my concealer cakes and moves as well so really it's not a good combination.

I'm 50 so have some wrinkles and need to cover very dark under eyes with a good concealer. I want a buildable foundation that doesn't move and cake but also is not super thick - so I can build it up where I need extra cover but not where I don't.

I'm normally a Rimmel girl but on this occasion I might be tempted to go for something of a bit better quality eg NARS, MAC - anything that will work essentially - not mega stupid expensive.

Currently I use Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. They have no staying power at all and sit 'on' the skin, they don't seem to connect with it (if that makes any sense). I would look at primers/fixing sprays but I've tried these before and I do have a very very greasy nose and I've not found anything yet that helps... that said it was a couple of years ago when I last tried one, there might be much better formulations on the market now.

What thoughts/recommendations do you have? Probably especially if you're an old fart with an oily nose like me!!!! (But all posts will be very happily received smile).

Happycow Wed 10-May-17 22:33:24

I have a different skin type from you (normal nose, dry cheeks) and have spent a fortune on foundations that end up caking or not giving any coverage. My current combination which I love is boots no7 bb cream as a base, MAC water weight foundation on top. Foundation is buildable which I love; most days I use the bb cream on its own but it provides a nice smooth texture to my skin which is great under foundation.

Pollyanna9 Thu 11-May-17 14:35:37

Thanks Happy, I'll give those a look for sure.

anxietyrus Thu 11-May-17 14:43:32

Use primer before and translucent powder after any and all concealer and foundation. I have awfully oily skin but I've finally doing a way of looking matte

Pollyanna9 Sat 13-May-17 00:13:01

Funnily enough anxietyrus (that really should be my username by the way!!), I've just ordered a variety of things to try out - currently I'll continue with my existing foundation and the new helper products and then I can see if it doesn't improve then it's not the foundation (if that makes sense).

I'm going to be trying:
Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray
Barry M Illuminating Highlighter Palette
Freedom HD Pro Finish Banana powder
Collection Sheer Loose Powder

See how I get on with that lot!

Autumnchill Sat 13-May-17 00:19:40

Just discovered Clarins foundation after a beauty night at House of Fraser and would highly recommend it.

Apparently you can have a mini facial FOC every 12 weeks! Book yourself in and get some advice on their foundation and treat yourself (plus get some samples!)

Pollyanna9 Thu 18-May-17 19:30:44

Oooh nice one Autumn!!!

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