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UV suits or UV T shirts with long sleeves

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Cll Tue 06-Jul-04 00:48:41

Has anyone come across these? We have the regular ones but my ds burnt his arms last year because he spends his whole time digging in sand and messing with water and the sun cream kept washing off (even factor 60 waterproof!)

Can't seem to see any long sleeved stuff though - any ideas welcome

katie37 Tue 06-Jul-04 01:16:05


also a t-shirt [CALLED C-TEX] to be worn on days out that had 100% protection

they are from australia but we got them here.

When we went to Australia 2 years ago. we got DS age 9, a rash shirt they have so much more choice.

eidsvold Tue 06-Jul-04 02:47:43

try boots - I know a friend got dd one from boots - sure it is long sleeved... top and matching shorts.

Hulababy Tue 06-Jul-04 12:41:39

We use UV suits with DD and love them. We got one from Lion in the Sun (have a website) last year which was very good - uses Australian materials, etc.

This year PILs have actually brought us one back from Oz which, although was expensive, is fantastic.

DD is now 2y2m and we always go for a two piece. It is much easier for going to the toilet in! Last year it was also easier for dealing with swim nappies underneath too.

We get the legionaires hat and shoes to match as well.

Word of warning. Beware the cheaper imitations from places like next and Adams. These are not often proper UV suits, they just look like them in design. Check out the SPF factor. I would think anything that is connected with Australia uis a good bet - they are very much interested in preventing skin cancer over there.

marianpdoherty1975 Mon 13-Jul-15 15:10:09

Can anyone recommend a website/company selling uv t shirts for adults and children?

Thanks smile

IReallyAmHephzibah Mon 13-Jul-15 15:12:33

I got ours from Decathlon .

NotAnotherPackedLunchBox Mon 13-Jul-15 17:21:56

John Lewis might be worth a look - there was a big choice when I was buying them back in May, including some Australian ones as well as John Lewis own label.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Mon 13-Jul-15 17:46:09

I got a good one from M&S

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