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Excellent Toy

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Kia Thu 13-Jun-02 15:13:01

Have a look at this great website, it has the most wonderful toys on it and you can get them in the UK.

And no, I don't work for them or have any relationship with them except my boss bought the wardrobe and a groovy girl for her niece who is enchanted. They are really good quality and have survived quite a bit of rough play from a little girl who is nearly 4.

I could almost wish I had a little girl to buy them for!

Rhiannon Thu 13-Jun-02 16:58:14

Kia, it's taking so long to load, did it do the same with you? R

Bozza Thu 13-Jun-02 22:09:10

It took me ages Rhiannon but got there in the end.

Kia Fri 14-Jun-02 13:17:01

So sorry I didn't reply. I was at work when I looked at the site and my pc is much much faster than the one at home. I put the link in wrong too, it should be without the http bit, sorry. My boss ordered yesterday over the internet and they sent a confirmation immediately back to her. We were so impressed we had to share the good news!

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