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Any recommendations on where to buy childrens beds?

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Nbg Sat 10-Mar-07 09:07:03

I'm looking for a mid sleeper with one of those play tent things underneath and possibly slide (eeeek!)

So far I've looked at LX Direct, Littlewoods, Argos and Mothercare.
They all sell the same thing but they are in the right price rang.

Has anyone bought a bed from a lesser known company and are they any good?

Nbg Sat 10-Mar-07 09:51:17


Tiggerish Sat 10-Mar-07 09:55:03

Bensons is rubbish - the one we bought fell apart when we were building it. We got ours from John Lewis in the end and are really pleased with it. (It wasn't any more expensive either)

Tiggerish Sat 10-Mar-07 09:55:39

And the matress from Bensons was horrendous.

Nbg Sat 10-Mar-07 10:17:32

Right will avoid them then!
Dh and I were looking there for ourselves.

JackieNo Sat 10-Mar-07 10:22:38

There was a thread the other day with some sites on. Have you looked at the ones at Ikea?

JackieNo Sat 10-Mar-07 10:24:29

They've got this , but I'm sure they used to do one with a slide. Can't see it on the website though.

MrsBadger Sat 10-Mar-07 10:38:53

the Ikea website is playing up at the mo - claims they have only one cot and it's £100 when I know they have the el cheapo £25 Sniglar ones.

Worth checking bakc another time.

Nbg Sat 10-Mar-07 11:19:56

Oh thanks for that.
Am doing a million things at once here. Its a nightmare!

bea Sat 10-Mar-07 14:15:57

we've just bought this bed ... a little pricey though! - but it was a bday pressie... and plus dh has always hankered for one in hos own childhood!!! Thuka Maxi 5 from this company and they were very good... the bed is fantastic... incredibley sturdy... but i must say the footprint of thr bed and slide is ratehr larger than i imagined... we had to do some hefty shifting of furnioture... but then again ds loves it.. as do all the little friends who come and visit...!

grouchyoscar Sat 10-Mar-07 14:30:53

DS's is from IKEA, one of those that starts with a head and footboard then extends.

amazonianwoman Sat 10-Mar-07 21:40:41

Flexa beds are great but not cheap, although they very often have 20% discounts.

We have the white bed with guard rails around and will add ladder/mid-height legs when DD is old enough.

Oh, and her mattress is THE most comfortable I've ever slept on - multi pocket sprung one I think

jenniepanda Fri 20-Nov-09 14:15:02

You could also try rooms to go, cheap for branded kids furniture

jenniepanda Fri 20-Nov-09 14:41:58

Rooms to go. We bought our latest bed from them. The prices were good and we managed to negotiate a good discount by calling direct rooms to go website

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Fri 20-Nov-09 14:45:53

We got our DC's beds from Aspace, but not sure if they do what you want. Good quality though.

SparkyToo Sun 22-Nov-09 20:40:22

Aspace are good quality - we got one from there too.

NeedaNewName Wed 25-Nov-09 00:06:15

Another vote for Flexa here. We got the L shaped bunk beds and they are absolutely brilliant. Very sturdy and solid, well put together and great service.

Dazza1984 Tue 25-Oct-11 14:15:45

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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