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Marmoleum, Amtico, Karndean - posh lino advice needed

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purplegreen99 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:39:18

We are moving house later in the year and will need to get the whole ground floor flooring replaced in the new house. I'd like hard floors downstairs, but I don't like ceramic tiles as they are cold. Current house has oak that cost loads but has got really scratched, so I am not sure about getting wood again.

So I am wondering about posh lino like Marmoleum, Amtico, etc. If anyone has any of these I wondered how easy are they to look after? Do they scratch easily (we have a dog and cat plus we're all quite clumsy)? Do they look ok in a living room, hall and kitchen/diner or are they more for bathrooms and playrooms? Are they practical for a kitchen?

The other options we thought about were bamboo and cork, but have heard that cork gets damaged easily, not sure about bamboo.

What I want is something that is stylish in a neutral sort of way, isn't cold like tiles and will still look nice after a few years' wear - hope someone can advise!

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