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Wanted - Unfragranced Talc

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mandbaby Mon 03-Apr-17 12:05:39

I'm looking for some unfragranced talc. Does anybody know where I can get some? Simple used to make some, and it was great - but nowhere seems to sell it anymore. I can't stand the smell of Johnsons talc.

It's not for my baby - it's for me on holiday to stop chafing - and I want something without any smell. Thanks!

fizzybootlace Mon 03-Apr-17 12:18:53

Waitrose do a fragrance free sensitive talc, used to be the Pure range but had a quick look online and it's Essentials range now.

Wolfiefan Mon 03-Apr-17 12:21:24

Isn't there a product you can apply specifically to stop "chub rub"? If you mean between your legs then don't use talc there. It's not healthy.

mandbaby Mon 03-Apr-17 12:33:22

Chub rub! Love it. No, I'm not putting it "there". To be honest, I just want it to absorb the nasty sticky sweaty bits on my tummy, back top of my legs - while walking around theme parks on holiday. I'm not a particularly sweaty person, but find the little bit of sweat I do get under my clothes particularly uncomfortable. Talc works wonders but I just can't stand the smell of "baby" powder.

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