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Can anyone recommend a vinyl record player (for 14-year-old)?

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DaffodilsinMarch Sun 26-Mar-17 19:48:17

My daughter's birthday is coming up and as she loves her music, she's decided not to ask for a smart phone shock but a turntable for vinyl records instead. We want it to be decent but we can't afford ridiculous amounts of money.

Any recommendations from music lovers who know their vinyl out there? Thank you!

redshoeblueshoe Sun 26-Mar-17 19:57:06

Aldi have a really fun one in at the moment, but I don't know what the quality is like.

changingShorts Wed 10-May-17 15:59:09

You'd need to give more of an idea of budget and what you want. A standalone turntable or one that plugs into other amplifier and speakers? I can then ask DH who knows a bit about this. BiL bought one recently and didn't ask DH and it sounds horrible.

DaffodilsinMarch Tue 16-May-17 12:47:16

Thanks so much for posting -- in the end we went with a Steepletone SRP1R from UK Jukeboxes and she LOVES it! It seems like a good starter player but I would still be interested to hear what your DH says as we'd like to get something of better quality for us (separate speakers etc. and maybe a budget of around £200?) Thanks for any advice in advance.

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