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Precious Little One - Precious little customer care!!

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slh1234 Tue 21-Mar-17 12:27:10

Having noticed a number of queries about Precious Little One and whether they are a reputable company, I would like to share my experience to save anyone reading this going through the same rigmarole.
I recently ordered a Britax Max-Way on line through this company for £220. The car seat arrived in a battered looking box, no accompanying Britax User Guide that should be with the car seat as standard, and the foot rest was broken. So I called the company for a replacement which they agreed to no problem. "It'll be with you next Friday and we will send another courier to collect your broken one". This meant another week to wait but this was a genuine mistake right!
So almost a week later, I receive an email from the company the day before delivery saying, sorry, but that car seat is not in stock. I now faced another 7 -10 days before delivery. So I called the company to verify that this was indeed the case. They confirmed and apologised but, as they couldn't guarantee that I would receive my order in 7 - 10 days because it depends upon how many other people order this particular car seat to justify them ordering it from the manufacturer, I had no option but to find another supplier and to cancel the order with Precious Little One. "No problem, the broken car seat will be picked up from you tomorrow as arranged."
So, having forked out another £220 to the next company, there was an unexpected knock on my door on the Friday. It was Yodel with the car seat that apparently wasn't in stock!? A very bewildered looking courier had to take the car seat back to the depot to return to PLO. There was never a second knock on the door that day, the one I was expecting from the courier collecting the broken car seat, in fact three weeks later, it is still sitting in my hallway with no sight nor sound of anyone coming to collect.
On cancellation, I was promised a quick refund within 3 - 5 working days. In fact I received an email on the 10th March saying we have now refunded you your £220. So imaging my surprise when I looked at my bank account 10 days later to find no such refund at all.
I called PLO again and was advised "we can't refund you until we've received the goods in the warehouse". Well the broken goods (which I wasn't paying for) were supposed to be collected ages ago, so where is the courier? The replacement car seat (which I was paying for) had been returned to the warehouse. But no refund.
Having spent even more costly time on the telephone to this company, they arranged for the courier to collect (again - lets hope he turns up this time!!) and that I wouldn't be refunded until the broken goods reached their warehouse, and then another 3 - 5 working days to pay me. They could not tell me why the courier didn't turn up the first time, why an email had been sent to me saying my order was cancelled, why another email came to me saying I had been refunded when his wasn't the case, why I was having to call and alert them to this fact 10 days later, why no-one in their company thought to extend a courtesy call to me to get this series of problems sorted out, or why their customer service is so very poor. I asked if someone senior could come to the phone to discuss this with me and was told, "no she won't come to the phone". Is that now because she's busy or never? "Never". Wow! What a great customer experience this company is laying out for me!! I also asked whether on receipt of the broken car seat they could do a BACS transfer as a matter of courtesy to speed up the inconvenience they had caused to which I was told "No, we don't do BACS transfers". They are not even prepared to go the extra mile for their customers as a gesture of good will when the catalogue of problems is entirely caused by their own incompetence.
So, I am now out of pocket £220 for yet another week which is having a detrimental effect on my finances. (Why they are holding my money for a broken unusable and dangerous product that should never have left the warehouse needs to be called into question)
Suffice it to say, use Precious Little One (or Precious Little Customer Care as I now call them) at your peril. They have come across as unprofessional, untrustworthy and not in the slightest customer friendly - take your money and run attitude.

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