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car seat dilemma - Toyota Yaris

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padi Wed 28-Feb-07 16:03:09

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and was hoping to change my 3 door Yaris before the birth but didn't get time. I've been given a mamas and papas primo viaggio car seat with a base by a friend (I know it's safe) so I can at least get back from the hospital but am having trouble fitting it (the base doesn't seem to sit very comfortably on the seat). Very reluctant to buy a new seat until we get a new car and we've got other things on our minds at the moment! Any advice? Do you think it will be ok to use the one we've got for the short journey back from hospital, then review our options....?

2boysmacca Wed 28-Feb-07 16:13:33

Have you tried pushing down ont he base prior to tightening the belt? If you kneel very hard then pull tightly on the belt they become more secure. There is also a slight overhang of the base over the seat. If you really don't think it fits then don't use it even for a short journey. If you have a mama's and papas store near you take it to them and they'll tell you if it's safe, alternatively google your nearest safety check centre.

vitomum Wed 28-Feb-07 16:52:58

yes, i agree find a safety check centre. i had a yaris when i had ds and i was really limited in what seat i could get.

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