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What next for DD1 (4)? out grown her my first leappad

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katzg Wed 28-Feb-07 15:14:14

She's nearly out grown her my first leappad, which she loves, but she is now getting bored very easily by it.

So what do we progress onto next? She prefers the games on it to the stories, so do we go for a leapster rather than the leappad?

i need something to help keep her entertained on a 4 hour train journey at the end of the months

Bagpuss30 Wed 28-Feb-07 17:57:32

We have a v-smile pocket which has been a great success for dd who is 4.5. She especially likes the Disney Princess games.

katzg Thu 01-Mar-07 08:58:50

thanks - we have the vsmile console and was thinking maybe the hand held version too, but is it difficult to use. DD struggles to get the characters to do what she wants on the console version.

Budababe Thu 01-Mar-07 09:02:03

DS (5.5) has the Leapster - great for travelling or going out somewhere. He got his for 4th birthday.

katzg Thu 01-Mar-07 09:05:33


the problem with these things is you don't know if your child will like them, you should be able to hire them and then buy them later!!!

Bagpuss30 Thu 01-Mar-07 10:13:17

The v-smile is great and you can even change the joystick buttons depending on if you are left or right handed. You could even use the same games as they fit both the big and handheld consoles.

katzg Thu 01-Mar-07 10:51:53


will venture to toysrus this weekend and have a look.

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