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Problems with Argos

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Kahli Wed 08-Feb-17 21:44:31

We ordered a very smart gas on glass hob from Argos. It arrived this morning and himself opened the packing only to discover we had been sent the wrong hob.

No problem, we thought it would be simple to correct the problem. Unfortunately that isnt the case and, in future, I would be very wary of dealing with Argos.

The (wrong) hob was delivered by the maker on behalf of Argos. On inquiry they explained the error by claiming Argos had given them the wrong part number. They couldnt do anything to help and referred us on to the Argos Customer Service Team.

Things then became interesting. The first person we spoke to at Argos said she would personally inquire as to what had happened and get back to us. She didnt of course and we had to phone again. The next person we spoke to said the order wasnt in stock at the maker and they had decided to upgrade us! DH explained the item is unsuitable, its too big. He then asked for a refund on the grounds we had been told Argos are unable to fulfill the order.

Argos then claimed no refund could be made until such time as the maker had picked up the hob from our house. Unfortunately no information was available as to when that might be. We have kitchen fitters arranged to refurbish our kitchen and given the response from Argos we have had to dash out and purchase a hob from another supplier. Not something we wanted to do!

DH then made a complaint via e-mail asking for a refund again. He received a reply to the effect that e-mails take up to 72 hours to answer! He has since sent a further e-mail confirming the order should be treated as cancelled as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations and asking for a full refund within 15 days. He has also asked for the (wrong) hob to be returned. Argos have again replied that e-mails may take 72 hours to reply to.

So far DH has made 3 telephone calls to the makers, 2 calls to Argos and sent 2 e-mails to Argos. We still dont have any indication as to how a return and a refund will be made.

Am I wrong in thinking that a single telephone call should have been sufficient for Argos to sort this out?

Argos are now officially off my A list!

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