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kittypants Sat 24-Feb-07 10:11:03

ive just got a maclaren unsure whether to buy a proper maclaren raincover or if cheaper frameless raincover will do?

peanutbutterkid Sun 25-Feb-07 04:31:44

I got one on Ebay that fits most Maclaren strollers, take a look. I'm really happy with mine (better than MacClaren's own, I reckon).

pacinofan Sun 25-Feb-07 10:11:36

Glad you posted this kittypants, my raincover for the quest broke yesterday (ashamed to say dd1 kicked through it in a tantrum) and we are now minus a raincover.

However, unsure whether to replace it or not - a second hand one went for £18 last night on Ebay which seems a bit steep. Think we will try a 'universal' raincover.

kittypants Sun 25-Feb-07 13:08:48

thankyou both.think i will be for cheaper version-i agree theyre so expensive!!!!i was also looking at those capes that go over baby and pushchair but surely they get wet face!?

aileenw Sun 25-Feb-07 16:31:36

I have a little question about raincovers - specifically on the Out n About Nipper double buggy which I am thinking about buying when No2 comes along. I have a Quinny at the moment and the raincover fastens with velcro and lasts about 5 seconds as my daughter likes to kick. Does the Nipper cover stay on and how's it fastened? Thanks.

kittypants Sun 25-Feb-07 20:56:50

i think it may be best to start new thread about nipper raincover.i m not sure?

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