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anniebear Fri 23-Feb-07 21:22:21

could you please tell me what the sizing is like

Small, generous etc

Thanks so much

bambi06 Fri 23-Feb-07 21:26:57

i find small and slim fitting for the children which suits my dd ...

bonkerz Fri 23-Feb-07 21:30:49

definately small fitting. My DD is 14 months and doesnt fit in 12-18 months anymore. Shes not fat at all!!

anniebear Fri 23-Feb-07 21:32:10


Am just ordering a skirt

Can't stand it when they take the payment without confirming how much the total is!

Just hope the code has worked!

anniebear Fri 23-Feb-07 21:36:20

Is annoying me now!!
Is saying my card payment...issue number is wrong

I haven't put it in as my card is a visa one and doesnt have an issue number


pinkchampagne Fri 23-Feb-07 21:37:12

small, even on my undersized 3 year old!

anniebear Fri 23-Feb-07 21:37:55

ignore me, I am talking to myself!!!

Just put in the year my card was valid from and it worked!

Have never done that before!!

mysonsmummy Fri 23-Feb-07 21:41:16

is that the same for boys - ive ordered ds lots of bits and not sure they will fit him now.

Nemo2007 Fri 23-Feb-07 21:49:17

For both DS and DDs I always order a size bigger than the norm as their sizes are a bit off.

Bubbaloo Fri 23-Feb-07 23:38:30

Ds is a normal sized 20 month old and I order age 3 from Vertbaudet.Their clothes come up very small.

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