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Help please can anyone tell me where I can buy colouring books or pads with very small pages?

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anorak Fri 23-Feb-07 18:23:09

I need them to be approx 6 inches by 4 or 5 inches, it's for a craft project I want to do.

I am going out tonight so please don't think me rude if I don't answer any replies till tomorrow.


Califrau Fri 23-Feb-07 18:36:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miaou Fri 23-Feb-07 18:39:04

Cheapy pound shops
Woolies are good for that sort of thing too

Pannacotta Fri 23-Feb-07 19:08:42

Letterbox has some which might be what you need, sort of doddle pads. Small and look rather cute...

Pannacotta Fri 23-Feb-07 22:10:28

Doodle pads even!!!

anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 12:51:07

Thanks for your replies. Califrau I thought of making them but when I had a look at some colouring sites I couldn't work out how to resize the images (doh!). Will check out the other suggestions. What is letterbox, a catalogue or a website or something?

Pannacotta Sat 24-Feb-07 12:56:01

Letterbox is both a catalogue and website, loads of toys/furniture/games, really good stuff and lots of choice -

Polgara2 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:07:49

I got 2 brilliant little packs from InStore (poundstretcher as was) which the dds used when travelling 3 in a pack less than a pound and there's quite a few pages in them too.

Scootergirl Sat 24-Feb-07 13:10:57

I got some for party bags from ebay from a seller called hollyhooha.

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