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Dolphin Bathrooms quote

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SecondhandRose Fri 23-Feb-07 12:17:13

My friend has had a quote to replace her exisitng suite and to add a shower cubicle from Dolphin Bathrooms.

Guess how much she was quoted?

Nip Fri 23-Feb-07 12:18:22

£2000? ( I have no idea and am totally guessing!)

Ceolas Fri 23-Feb-07 12:19:18


ThisFrogIsGonnaWhoopYouAss Fri 23-Feb-07 12:19:30

I'd say about £20,000 - they are chuffing expensive!

lurkylou Fri 23-Feb-07 12:21:01


massagemum Fri 23-Feb-07 12:22:16

Was the quote from Dolphin directly or an independant builder?

SecondhandRose Fri 23-Feb-07 12:23:27

They have quoted her £44k can you believe??? They said the shower cubicle was 12K!. Are they having a laugh, do they actually get business off those adverts. Anyway when my friend and her DH laughed at the quote they cut it to 25k just like that!

My friend's DH showed them the door.

SecondhandRose Fri 23-Feb-07 12:24:02

It was def. Dolphin.

Ceolas Fri 23-Feb-07 12:25:45

That is proposterous!

You could build an extension to your house including a fitted bathroom for that amount!

massagemum Fri 23-Feb-07 12:27:28

My dh is a builder and i told him - he thought it was some kind of joke. seriously tell your friend to find a friendly local builder who will do the job for a fraction of the price.

Piffle Fri 23-Feb-07 12:30:45

not only are they excesive cost wise, their service is APPALLING
google them

Nip Fri 23-Feb-07 12:32:31

OH MY!!!

Says a lot if they can drop down to £25k

ArcticRoll Fri 23-Feb-07 12:34:05

I remember reading in a newspaper consumer column about Dolphin customers having lots of complaints with the company.
Just get a few local plumbers/builders to give quotes.

havingaToughtime Fri 23-Feb-07 12:37:00

i saw a bloke with a sandwich board outside one and it said basically 'dolphin are shit they ruined my life'!

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