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Sky Broadband (Sky Connect package) Anyone have it??

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Lmccrean Thu 22-Feb-07 16:55:34

Ive had this for 3 days now (paying fiver a month for it as the free one isnt in my area yet) Anyway, I cant get online after about 6pm - keeps saying my internet isnt connected (although my dell network assistant always says theres a problem with the connection and Im clearly online now!). Im assuming that this is due to high usage in the area, which is sooooooo pants, but in case Im wrong, is there any one else out there who had this problem, called sky and got it fixed? I dont want to go to expense of calling them if they are just gonna say its due to other users/traffic and nothing they can do about it...

Lmccrean Thu 22-Feb-07 18:20:43

Arrgh..Im really not having much luck - got sky tv installed 3 weeks ago and since then 2 tvs have given up on me - 2nd one happening about 10 mins ago. Ok both tvs are oldish...but have been working fine til I plugged skybox into them!

Mimie2403 Fri 23-Feb-07 08:53:24

I have Sky but thankfully haven't had this problem. Have you tried right-clicking on the connection icon in the system tray and clicking on Repair. There is high usage in my area as well in the evening but you should stilll be able to connect although the response time may be slower.
You can mail Sky tech support on

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