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peachespaige Thu 22-Feb-07 10:48:38

Ok my ds 1 is 2.7 years old is very tall and in the right weight range for a type 3 car seat even though these are meant for children age 3 and over, can I put him in one? My ds2 is 7months and big, also within the right weight range for a type 2 seat although these are meant for 9 month plus babies, can I put him in one??

NappiesGalore Thu 22-Feb-07 11:12:21

it is the weight and height which are the most important factors. age ranges put are as a guide.

only time that doesnt quite apply is for v young babies, need to be able to hold head strongly to face forwards...,

peachespaige Thu 22-Feb-07 11:13:05

Oh good, my ds2 can sit un-aided and has good neck control.

NappiesGalore Thu 22-Feb-07 11:15:51

for ds 2, you can get typre1-2 seats which face backwards till they are neck-strong enough, then you turn it round. limits the choices you have tho and they dont fit in all cars... can he hold on a month or two in baby seat, then go straight to a good type 2 seat?
(personally, i must admit that ds's 2 and 3 each went into type 2 seats a little on the early side... they could hold heads and all that, just figure to be on the safe side you should leave it as long as pos. ) mind you, if your ds2 is actually too big for the baby seat, is prob safer to have him in type 2 seat...

NappiesGalore Thu 22-Feb-07 11:18:29


yes, id just move him.

personally really like the maxi-cosi priory xp - has a really secure fixing mechanism and is dead easy to recline them when they fall asleep. mine were all really comfy in them for a long time.

Bozza Thu 22-Feb-07 11:21:24

They are only really too big for the baby seat if their head goes over the top though aren't they? It doesn't matter if their legs are a bit bent. Also I found the forward/backward seat we had wasn't as roomy as the forward only one.

Would your DS1 be sensible in a seat belt only seat? My DD (2.9) would be, but a lot of children her age wouldn't. Or you could get a high back booster with a harness that can be removed later.

NappiesGalore Thu 22-Feb-07 11:53:10

agree w bozza about the forward/backward seat.. trying to do too many things and not being particularly good at any of them, i reckon.

peachespaige Fri 23-Feb-07 11:14:11

We have the maxi cosi one and ds1 uses that now, we also have a Jane one that I want to move him too. He is a real handful at home but an angel in the car??! So he should be ok. Ds2 head wont go under the silly sunshade bit on our car seat, bit like a pram top. does that make sense??

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