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back baby carriers for young baby and short/weak mother - advice?

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Bethbe Wed 21-Feb-07 15:07:24

Can anyone recommend a good carrier. Front ones and slings(I've tried loads)are just too heavy for me and hang too low and strain my neck, so was thinking about a back pack one. Don't need any extras, just a way of carrying babe on difficult public transport

Baby is now 3 months!


hairymclary Wed 21-Feb-07 15:11:48

have you thought about a cwtshi (or other mei tai?)
I have one and absolutely love it, you can do front and back carries wtih it.
I can easily carry my 2 year around in it.

I had a baby bjorn when he was born and couldn't stand it after about half an hour, but with the cwtshi I could happily carry him around on my front all day (and he wasn't a small baby)

hettie Thu 22-Feb-07 09:12:03

have you looked at the ergo- they are expensive I know but there is somewhere online you can rent them from to see if you get on with them..... (if I remember where I'll post link)

NappiesGalore Thu 22-Feb-07 11:22:07

have you seen theyre really helpful, you can email them and you get to hire before you buy to make sure you have the right thing..

havnt heard of a back carrier suitable for a 3mo... 'spect it can be done tho!

i LOVE my ERGO - have tried millions of slings and this is only one that doesnt hurt. i use it for much bigger baby tho... (funny, coz i could never use the other kinds much beyong about 3m)

bensmum4 Fri 23-Feb-07 09:30:22

Another vote here for the Ergo, but shouldnt be used on the back until about 5 months when baby has good head control.

Bethbe Mon 26-Feb-07 17:56:35

Thanks guys, - I'll look into your suggestions.

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