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How do you store awkwardly-sized children's books? Is there something I am missing?

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Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 10:08:02

Message withdrawn

Marina Tue 20-Feb-07 10:12:25

You can get little plainer picture book/rack tables like the loud giraffey ones, from - do not laugh - library suppliers such as the mighty Gresswells.
It helps if you are a fan of Ikea-ish blond laminate looks though. Not much call for solid French oak etc in your standard children's library.
I can't do you a linky pruni as Gresswell's site is a car crash as far as frames are concerned.
But have a browse and a jolly good laugh at some of the other products on sale!

Whoooosh Tue 20-Feb-07 10:13:13

I have a fabric sling one from GLTC-wait a min and will try to find a link-it's brilliant.

Whoooosh Tue 20-Feb-07 10:14:23


Marina Tue 20-Feb-07 10:21:33

Well, that is perfect and probably cheaper than Gresswells too

Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 11:41:09

Message withdrawn

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 20-Feb-07 11:42:49

ive just bought that one from gltc and its fab, we have slings full, plus the gap between bottom sling and shelf, then under the unit itself!..very good!

JackieNo Tue 20-Feb-07 11:43:15

We just stick ours standing up in an ordinary stacking storage box (obviously they all stick over the top, so it can't be stacked though). Not particularly pretty, but does the job.

fruitful Tue 20-Feb-07 19:31:40

Strawberry - how many books have you got in the actual sling bits?

princessmel Tue 20-Feb-07 19:36:16

I've seen something similar to the sling one. It was all wood though and slightly larger. Can't remember where I saw it. It had coloured wooden letters along the top so not as neutral looking.

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 20-Feb-07 19:36:42

oh dear god..loads! about 10 ladybirds ones in botom sling, 6 bigger ones in next up, 10 thinner ones next then 5 very big(dora/scooby) books in top, plus big musical winnie the pooh one, 5 thick card ones under bottom sling, then 10 under bottom shelf, stacked tidyly so you can pull them out easilly!..and no im not super efficient or tidy, it took me a while to merchandize!..but still plenty of space to see whats there

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 20-Feb-07 19:38:34

try these ..slightly different and more expensive but may be more to your needs?

Pannacotta Tue 20-Feb-07 23:40:41

We have a fab one from (sorry still haven't sussed out how to link). It comes in wood or cream finish, with or without alphabet letters and holds around 85 books. We bought one in plain cream with no letters as, like you, I prefer storage which is not too babyish/garish. It is v slimline and take up v little space. My DS loves it as he can now see all his books and pick our his favourites by looking at the covers.

fruitful Wed 21-Feb-07 13:19:02

tidy books

Panacotta, that does look good. Costs more though.

Pannacotta Wed 21-Feb-07 13:40:53

Yes it does cost more but you can also use it for older children to hold CDs/DVDs, esp if you get the plain version. Jojomamanbebe also sell it (in plain cream), for a bit less (£99) plus you can use the mumsnet discount to get 10% off. I think its worth it having bought one...

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