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Is there such a thing as a bumbo and tray? Or a mini-highchair?

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lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:30:52

We weren't going to get dd a highchair as we don't have room for one when we move soon, we were going to have a booster seat at the table (we don't have a table atm though)

We haven't moved yet so don't have a chair, or a booster seat, or a highchair? Is there a similar thing I could get?

hunkermunker Sat 17-Feb-07 21:31:32

I would say get a booster seat from Argos. It's about £12.

hunkermunker Sat 17-Feb-07 21:32:00

It has a separate tray, but it'll do till they're toddlers.

colditz Sat 17-Feb-07 21:33:52

booster seat that straps onto a normal chair

Ds1 has used one for 2 years, and I use one for ds2 in a local cafe. They are well worth the money!

colditz Sat 17-Feb-07 21:35:10

Bahhh Hunker beat me to it.

You can take the tray off and push it to the table, great for wriggly boys who can't sit still. It confines ds1 a klittle, although he is nearly 4 he still can't sit still. II don't use the straps now, though.

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:35:22

We don't have a chair though.

In current house, have no room for dining table, so have no chairs. Don't really want to fork out for a highchair as in new house we'll have a dining table and chairs but no room for highchair!

hunkermunker Sat 17-Feb-07 21:37:36

When are you moving?

And how old is DD?

katiebirdie Sat 17-Feb-07 21:39:50

what about that? wont break the bank, and you could pass it on to a family member once you are in new house.

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:40:29

dd is 6 months next saturday, we were supposed to be moving end of jan.. still haven't exchanged. so no idea, really.

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:41:21

nice idea katie (i could freecycle it as don't have friends or family with kids) but I need a tray really...

colditz Sat 17-Feb-07 21:41:51

Just put it on the floor against a wall until you have a chair to attach it to?

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:43:39

Can you do that? A friend had one and said it wasn't safe on the floor.

Having said that lol I don't think I have any wall!

Oh dear, I really need to move.

DizzyBint Sat 17-Feb-07 21:43:43

have you seen those other seats that are like a bumbo? they're called bebepod i think, prince lionheart bebepod maybe. they do one sort that has no table attachment, then they brought out an updated one that you can have a table attachment for. have a look at blooming marvellous or jojo maman bebe maybe?

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Sat 17-Feb-07 21:45:59

This is like a bumbo but it also comes with a tray not cheap though

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 21:48:00

Thanks but eeeek!

Hmm. I think off my lap will be the way forward!

hunkermunker Sat 17-Feb-07 21:50:23

I was going to say sit her on your lap till you move.

Or get one of those seats and have it on the floor. DS1 climbed into ours when it was on the floor (with the tray on, as a great big 2.6yo!) - I was upstairs and I heard "Oh, no, Mummy! I stuck!". I came down and he looked like Alice in Wonderland when she got stuck in the cottage - all arms and legs out of this little chair. Loon!

shosha Sat 17-Feb-07 21:52:13

Message withdrawn

colditz Sat 17-Feb-07 21:54:14

They are fine on the floor, as long as you lean them against something so they can't tip over.

lunavix Sat 17-Feb-07 22:06:45

lol hunker

ds (isn't yours nearly 3 too?) has been trying to get into the baby walker all day. We had it for him, but never used it. Just dug it out for dd (it has a tray! hurrah!) but it also has a bit of mould. Going to offer it on freecycle to see if anyone wants to do something with it

lockets Sat 17-Feb-07 22:14:03

Message withdrawn

Cashncarry Sat 17-Feb-07 22:41:59

What about one of these cube-highchairs

My sister had a tiny weeny cluster house when her DD was little and she stored the table section in her loft. It's expensive and quite sturdy and apparently has seen her through all three children.

Would be fine as well if you move to a bigger house and converts to a tiny person's chair and table later for colouring, drawing etc.

katiebirdie Sun 18-Feb-07 22:56:54

you can buy a tray for it as well lunavix. Its £3, so all in all the highchair would cost £15. Pretty good imo, and having known people who have it its well rated!

dueat44 Tue 20-Feb-07 20:03:44

On the classified thread, you will find an ad for a bumbo tray - £20 or offer.

alfiesmum Wed 21-Feb-07 10:24:01

sorry haven't read the whole thread, if you do a search for 'bumbo tray' on ebay there are a couple listed

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