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GHD hair straightners....

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Wolfgirl Fri 16-Feb-07 10:53:13

can any tell me if they have found any discounted sites offering the latest GHD's - MK4 I think they are?

many thanks

geordiemacminx Fri 16-Feb-07 10:58:24

I use kelkoo to compare prices... they have some for £80, but dont think they are the MK4 ones... think they are £119, not sure how uch they are normally.


Wolfgirl Fri 16-Feb-07 13:31:09

I guess Im looking for that all elusive half price deal, or least way 25% off! lol.


MamaG Fri 16-Feb-07 13:31:35

dream on wolfgirl, dream on

JanH Fri 16-Feb-07 13:35:21

Keep an eye on - they were giving away a £100 hairdryer with them the other day (I started a thread) and then a cheaper one, those have finished but they might do another or cut the price.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 16-Feb-07 13:38:49

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 16-Feb-07 13:43:13

I'm on their mailing list, cod - bought them from there for the DDs. (Obv I have no need of them myself )

Nip Fri 16-Feb-07 13:45:03

not sure about discounted sites - but ebay is one of the cheapest places to buy them from - there is a seller on there who is the only franchised seller of GHD's aparently.. not sure if i can put her name on here, but if you search you'll be able to see her - she lists loads!

Wolfgirl Fri 16-Feb-07 13:53:11

Im dreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmming! Im-a-dreaming!

Wolfgirl Mon 26-Feb-07 10:34:23


pinkchampagne Wed 28-Feb-07 17:19:27

They often go cheaper on ebay

Piffle Wed 28-Feb-07 17:24:47

but there are also a lot of fakes on ebay.

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