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Cards against humanity

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girlygirlgirly Mon 28-Nov-16 21:25:38

Looking to buy this, but there seems to be different ones and add ons. Any advice on what to get?
Thanks all!

MujosMama Mon 07-Aug-17 20:27:34

Go for the classic one first, it should cost about £20. That will give you more cards, instructions etc to get you started. Amazon link: it is geared towards uk market so more uk pop culture references than the us edition. After that you can buy additional packs depending on what takes your fancy - some (the numbered expansions e.g._ ) don't need to be any particular one they are all independent from each other not in any particular order), are a mixture of themes like the original, while others are themed. As far as I can tell the ones that are colour coded (red/blue/green box) are amalgamations of the expansion packs.

Good luck and enjoy! I've had some great evenings getting slowly drunk and laughing my head off at some of these cards

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