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Online furniture damaged.

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facepalming Sat 29-Oct-16 13:19:23

I bought a chest online that was delivered packaged but when we unboxed it was badly damaged (deep scratch and several dents)

The company we bought from offered us about 10% money back to keep it or they would exchange. we said exchange.

They are now saying they can only exchange if we re package it.

We had the box to pieces to get into it so that's been binned but the bigger problem is that we cannot lift it. it's really heavy and my DH has a herniated disc in his back.

I've explained we can't repackage it so they are saying they won't take it back.

looking at our rights it seems it's a no brained that they have to refund or replace the item, but it's not clear If they are obligated to come and get it - especially unboxed.

does anyone know where we stand on this?

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