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Teddybears that growl...???

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PeachesMcLean Fri 09-Feb-07 22:06:43

Does anyone know where I can get a teddybear that growls. My cousin in Canada is about to give birth and she's decided she has to have one. For some reason they can't get one over there (except of course, the real growling bears, which might perhaps not be suitable for a new born....) We've tried a few google searches, toys r us, Daisy & Tom, Hamleys etc, but we're not getting anywhere. Has anyone bought anything similar lately?


BadHair Fri 09-Feb-07 22:19:13

DS1 has a lovely one from Merrythought, but the company ceased trading at the end of last year. If you can find a Merrythought one through Ebay or something similar it's well worth it - lovely bear and now a collectable piece of toymaking history.

You could try ringing the Merrythought shop in Ironbridge as I think it's still open, selling off old stock - number is 01952 433029.

Katymac Fri 09-Feb-07 22:20:19

The bear factory......

JackieNo Fri 09-Feb-07 22:22:58

Some here (though some say they're collectors' items, may not be suitable for a baby).

JackieNo Fri 09-Feb-07 22:23:47

And another one .

Katymac Fri 09-Feb-07 22:25:02


PeachesMcLean Sat 10-Feb-07 18:15:45

Thank you all for the posts, - that's really helpful. Though am slightly amazed at the variety available.... Will be ordering a nice simple one this evening from World of Bears I think. Thanks again.

headbear Sun 05-May-13 00:34:00

Hi there

Have you tried Growling Range they have a massive collection


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