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Quinny buzz???

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BuffysMum Thu 08-Feb-07 20:45:12

Can I put a buggy board/litaf seat on it and if so which one?


BuffysMum Thu 08-Feb-07 22:40:31

bumping - where are the other pushchair addicts this evening?

FirstAtForty Fri 09-Feb-07 09:52:02

bumping for you - I have a Buzz but no idea on buggyboards, as I have only got one DC it hasn't become one of my obsessions - yet

amazonianwoman Fri 09-Feb-07 12:41:27

You can add a Lascal 3G buggyboard (seen them in John Lewis) according to this Lascal website

BuffysMum Fri 09-Feb-07 16:00:23

thanks - never thought of the 3g - doh!

CarGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 14:20:19

bumping for the link!

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