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Vispring Bed

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loopyloo87 Mon 17-Oct-16 12:14:14

Hi, we've just purchased a Vispring bed which cost a fortune . We have it split firm & medium however I'm finding it very difficult to sleep the medium side is very firm .However my husband has got used to it . The mattress weighs a ton weight and has a weird smell , we also bought the Vispring mattress protector which also smells of what I can only describe as a farm. I've aired it several time but the smell is still there .I appreciate that the bed is all natural fibres horse hair etc but the stink is really getting to me. My husband doesn't notice plus with the added problem of comfort I am sooooo disappointed and feel like we have wasted a lot of money... We have a month to return it but to be honest I can't see it being straight forward... Has anyone else owned a Vispring and had problems I would be really interested in other peoples views .

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