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Stroller compatibility

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LittleMissSunshineVan Sat 15-Oct-16 06:01:02

Hello my lovelies,

We bought a maxi cosi elea travel system when we had our DS and lived in the UK, it was a great price on amazon and we had heard good things about it. Fast forward nearly 5 years and I'm pregnant with LO number 2 and we live in Canada and I'm a preplanner so I've been thinking about this great set of wheels that in storage and how to re-use them. The original car seat that we used with it is long gone (given to a friend) and the actual stroller seat is far too big for a baby and is missing a neck support pillow so it can only be used around the one year mark.
Unfortunately in Canada maxi cosi doesn't have a great variety of choice and the car seats that we do have from them are expensive, which I would mind so much if the car seat that was voted the best of wasn't almost $150 cheaper.
So, does anyone know if the Chico keyfit 30 is compatible with a maxi cosi set of wheels? If not, is there an adapter that can be used?

GizmoFrisby Sat 15-Oct-16 06:34:31

There probably will be adapters. Can you ask where you bought it from. I have a bugaboo and had adapters for maxicosi car seat.
I imagine they will do

LittleMissSunshineVan Sat 15-Oct-16 08:13:18

I bought it on amazon so, that''s a no

JellyTipisthebest Sat 15-Oct-16 08:47:32

I don't think it will fit on the ones you have looking at the toys r us site in Ca any of the maxi cosy baby ones will fit this one looks cheaper than the chicco one. Other makes that fit on maxi cosy are cybex, besafe, nuna pipa,

LittleMissSunshineVan Mon 17-Oct-16 08:13:04

I don't have the original car seat just the stroller structure. That's why I'm wondering if there's anyway to adapt the Chicco seat

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