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user1475696718 Wed 05-Oct-16 20:50:32

I have a little boy who is now ready to come out for days out and I was trying to find a good baby carrier for him. I've head is a good place to buy from. Does anyone else recommend a website or brand?

Thank you.


muddlingthroughmotherhood Wed 05-Oct-16 21:07:41

Try to find a local sling library. I hired loads before settling on a Connecta. The lady said that they'd never needed a second page to write the list of borrowed slings on before! If you don't go to a sling library then ensure you buy one with good hip/leg support for baby, google it, there's loads of advice out there about it.

I can't stress enough how trying before buying is a good idea. I loved the Rose & Rebellion carriers, borrowed one from the sling library and loved it but the 3am feed started to give me back ache, I put two & two together and turns out that even though the carrier was comfortable to wear (and pretty) it was causing middle of the night pain.

If there isn't a library near you then look for an online one. Local ones are better as the people give fitting advice.

Enjoy looking for a carrier, I sure did, maybe that's why I took so long to settle on one grin

muddlingthroughmotherhood Wed 05-Oct-16 21:20:06

Just want to add that more padding doesn't mean comfort. I was trying loads and then a new advisor started at the library and asked the right questions. Turns out that the twinges of discomfort were caused by me not getting a close enough fit due to the padding on the carrier, I don't have a particularly unusual shaped body but the padding really got in the way on pretty much every carrier I tried. The Connecta has no padding other than a bit on the arm straps. I'd used a Close Caboo before that.

Just wanted to mention the above incase you don't make it to a sling library.

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