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So annoyed with HOTPOINT

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MumToBe2015R Tue 04-Oct-16 09:53:52

So purchased a Hotpoint tumble dryer from Currys Jan 2016 with an additional care plan.

Last week tumble dryer stopped working and kept tripping the fuse when we put it on. Called them to book in a repair & the advisor on the phone my tumble dryer is one of the models which catch on fire angry so they sent a engenieer today, who was rather quiet rude!

First he came in went down, 10minutes later he asked my husband got a parking permit - which when my husband asked me I said no we don't have any. We could see there were so many pay & display spaces. Engenieer a response 'well you should keep them when we come because we don't get parking' errr we've already paid so much for a care plan there company should provide them with special permits or whatever how should that also be our problem!

Anyway so he went out to look for parking came back went down again, and then sent my husband up & asked him to keep an eye on his car! May I add you can not see his car from our house and my husband would of had to go out and it was parked on the next road angry

After all that husband was going to go angry the engenieer came up and said 'i can't fix the problem today because I THINK it's the heating element which I have ordered now and will come in end of the week'

I'm so annoyed as firstly my dryer is only 10months old doesn't have heavy usage, and now this angry have a 14m old so you can imaging washing twice a week and clothes on ye stand take ages to dry.

Can I ask for a replacement for another model? Can I ask for a full refund & buy a different dryer? Just scared me knowing it's one of those models that can set alite!


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