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Pampers in UK - question from O/seas Mumsnetter

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sjs Tue 28-May-02 13:53:48

We'll be coming back to the UK in a few days time for a couple of weeks hols and my mil has kindly offered to do a bit of shopping in preparation for our arrival.

Can you tell me what the Pampers we use in Hong Kong are called, what size she will need and where she can get them easily. (I know from experience that they differ by country.) She will need quite specific instructions, otherwise we'll end up with completely the wrong thing!!!

In HK we use Large (dd is 22 - 24lbs), "Premium" Pampers. These have "soft cotton" type feel to them with coloured elephants and velco plus sticky tabs. Are these (or similar) available in the UK. (Used the "premium dry" last trip and dd got nappy rash, so would like an alternative if poss.)

Many thanks in advance for your help!

MandyD Tue 28-May-02 14:34:40

What colour pack do they come in SJS? I seem to remember using the ones you describe but the Pampers range underwent a revamp last year to coincide with the launch of the Pull Ups, this coincided with when I stopped using nappies on my DS so I'm not sure if the Premiums (I remember a purple packet) are still the same.

sjs Tue 28-May-02 16:36:24

In Hong Kong they are in a green pack - but it has English and Chinese writing on it, so I know it is probably different in UK

SofiaAmes Tue 28-May-02 22:29:19

I think the sizing varies from country to country. I think you need size 4 which are good from 15 - 40 lbs. I switched to Tesco's nappies after trying some Pampers premium dry and getting a bad reaction to them. I'm not sure Pampers does anything but the Premium dry nowadays. I've tried lots of different kinds of nappies in lots of different countries and find the Tesco's (purple pack) the best. (my son has never had nappy rash). You can get them at any Tesco's store. Pampers you can find anywhere including the local corner store.

Snugs Tue 28-May-02 22:49:25

Try the Pampers website pampers then click on the link for UK. They give a description for all their product range available in the UK and you can email them if you still have problems.

Snugs Tue 28-May-02 22:50:49

In fact I think I have just given a link direct to the UK site!

sjs Fri 31-May-02 06:29:57

Thanks Snugs - had a look at the site and decided to leave it until we arrive to buy them myself. Who'd have thought buying nappies could be so confusing.
Thanks also MandyD and SophiaAmes. I might try the Tesco ones if I can only get baby dry.

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