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Balance bikes - are they worth it?

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babyblabber Wed 24-Aug-16 14:58:34

So we bought a crap balance bike for DD1 last year. It was flimsy and plastic amd too small and she never really used it. DS is 6 and still very nervous on his bike, with stabilisers so I'd love the whole process to be easier with the rest of them.

Thinking of getting a strider balance bike but they're not cheap. DD1 could use it now and then DD2 later and we are expecting DC4 so I'm thinking I can justify the cost. But DH will kill me if I buy another bike that barely gets used. Does anyone have them and would you recommend them? My kids are all crap on scooters, quite nervous I would say so bit worried it'd be the same.

Also DD1 is 4 but tall for her age. Would she be too big for them?

Mol1628 Wed 24-Aug-16 15:03:59

My son loves his strider. They are absolutely worth the money.

If you go for the higher model which I think is about £15-£20 more than the basic one you get a taller seat post.

Although you could get a nice lightweight bike like an Islabike and take the pedals off at first, then add them later once they have learnt to balance. The bike will last a lot longer that way.

reallyanotherone Wed 24-Aug-16 15:04:00

Yes. Totally worth it.

You'll save money long term as they'll go straight from the balance bike to a decent 14" or even 16", and you'll skip the crappy 12" with stabilisers phase.

I think ours was £70, and is still in good resale nick after 3 kids, so £20 per child? Oldest was 4 when we got it so i did dither, but definately worth it, and as i said it meant she skipped straight to the bigger bike.

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