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new kitchen, where to go?

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Beccles Sun 06-Jun-04 11:09:38

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Sun 06-Jun-04 11:49:25

Beccles, we went to an independent kicthen design serivce who came up with the plans which we were then allowed to keep and then we went ot a builder with the plans. He then bought the units and marble direct from the suppliers and fitted the whole thing. If you can find a decent builder you should be able to say a lot as the mark up on these things is pretty big and a builder obviously doesn't have the overheads of a fancy showroom etc. We did feel a bit bad as the lady at the design place was lovely and very helpful but we saved a fortune and had to think of ourselves and our pockets.
where do you live?

mckenzie Sun 06-Jun-04 11:50:15

I did mean of course that you could 'save' a lot

treacletart Sun 06-Jun-04 11:51:56

IKEA! - we did ours a year ago, I reckon they're on average about half the price of anywhere else -their wooden worktops were a third of the price of any I found elsewhere and the choice was infinitely better. You have to be prepared for a bit of hassle getting all the relevant parts and it took a few deliveries before we got everything we needed - the queues in their kitchen dept can be horrendous too, so get their early on the day you actually want to order your bits - But the savings and the choice make it all worthwhile.

gold123 Sun 06-Jun-04 12:03:46

My dh is a kitchen and bathroom fitter, sadly not in your area. We have got a take-away kitchen from B&Q, it looks very nice. I recommend that you trawl through your local papers and even the yellow pages for a fitter. They WON'T be as expensive as a fitter linked to the kitchen company - they may turn out to be the same fitter anyway as they are all contracted out. My dh has worked for a few kitchen companies as a sub-contacter. Phone up a few, and if they are good, they will have evidence to back it up i.e. references, pictures etc..

Good luck

jampot Sun 06-Jun-04 12:16:26

Can I just add my sister and brother in law own a bathroom design showroom. They (and their designers) spend an awful lot of time on going on site visits and sourcing products that the customer likes and actually preparing the design to show at a presentation. There is no cost to the customer directly for this as it is part of the "design service". However, for people to just come in, have their bathroom designed and have no intention of buying from them is very frustrating. They left their showroom the other night at 11.45pm as a customer wanted a design prepared quickly and because they were there so late the front shutters were not down and a couple of men came along and stole £400 worth of tiles waiting to be collected in the morning.

jampot Sun 06-Jun-04 12:18:41

Also last year we were thinking of having our kitchen refitted and a builder friend offered us his 55% discount at Magnet. My sister's mark up is about 30%!

mckenzie Sun 06-Jun-04 12:37:00

I'd beeter add that when we went to see ths kitchen design company we had every intention of using them as they had been recommended to us. However, once our builder showed us what savings we could make by not buying from the design company, we could not possibly have then used them. I'm talking thousands.
But perhaps I was wrong to actually recommend that you should do that Beccles.

lyndap Thu 10-Jun-04 11:22:36

We have only just had our kitchen finished last week and it was started on 29 September last year. The service was appalling. The sub-contractors we got were useless and we had an 8 month old baby and no sink for 5 weeks. My husband has had to do so much remedial work it's untrue.
I cannot tell you how bad it has been. We're presently going through Qualitas, the industry watchdog to try to get some compensation. You have to pay it all up front so there's little leverage as a customer when things go wrong.
I knowother people all over the country who have also had bad experiences with them.
I'd cheerfully torch my local store.......

Crunchie Thu 10-Jun-04 12:26:03

Beccles I can recommend a company in Colchester but I think it maybe beyond your budget, Wentworth Kitchens in North Station Road are brilliant, but could be pricey.

We looked at doing it independently, but we had too much building work to make it a viaable proposition. I called almost every fitter in the local yellow pages and got quotes for them all. There were a couple I liked the feel of, but didn't use. Check the local yellow pages, I think one was called John (probably no real help!)

BTW I didn't realise we have another Colchester MNetter along with Chincilla, myself and SPace monkey. Where abouts are you??

CountessDracula Thu 10-Jun-04 12:29:39

Have just got one from them for £3k, custom built, arrived constructed ie not flatpacked. You have to paint it yourself and get it installed but should be cheap installation as is not flat pack IYSWIM.

You would also have to buy worktop separately but that can be as cheap or expensive as you make it. Plus we have quite a big kitchen.

I really do recommend them. Also they are made in Northamptonshire so close enough to go and see them.


CountessDracula Thu 10-Jun-04 12:33:03

ps bet they could recommend a local installer

Piffleoffagus Thu 10-Jun-04 12:44:05

I would recommend the B+Q IT takeaway range, is is pretty good with ranges to suit any budget. Ikea has lots of cheap freestanding units too which can save on fitting costs.
Get a local friend to recommend a fitter or builder by reputation you should get a good one, who will be happy to put everything in, onyl prob can be if you need any electrics and plumbing done, he may need to call in other chaps to do it, this can cost too.
We had B+Q put ours in, mostly as it was late, and our baby was due in 3 weeks, (she turned up the day after the kitchen completed funnily)
But some of their fittig has been a little... unique, essentially very sound though.

mumbojumbo Thu 10-Jun-04 12:46:22

Echo what lyndap had to say about Magnet. The service was appalling as was the quality of the units. We had awful problems with their "Customer Service" or should I say lack of. It was a total nightmare.

robinw Thu 10-Jun-04 13:53:57

message withdrawn

suedonim Thu 10-Jun-04 17:04:54

I'll put in an opposing view about Magnet. We've had two kitchens supplied by them and fitted by our own joiner in the past and have just had a new kitchen and utility room supplied and fitted by Magnet. It's been an A1 service from start to finish, very professional indeed.

Chandra Thu 10-Jun-04 18:02:52

I have noticed that IKEA kitchen are more sturdy than MFI and MAgnet and cost a fraction of the price, however our builder found it a bit difficult to install because the back of the units are slightly diferent than other brands in the market and he complained a lot about how difficult was to place them against walls that were not completely flat ot that they didn't have enough space for cables and plumbing at the back (?) but we spend £3500 fo a fairly big kitchen including all the building work (which was not easy tbh because we relocated the kitchen to another area of the house). However, I have found real oak kitchen of B&Q remarkable unexpensive and it's beautiful if you like neutrals and I believe is available to take away.

serenequeen Thu 10-Jun-04 18:07:40

another 2c about magnet - appalling service, but the units we've got are excellent quality for the price compared with many other things i've seen...

CountessDracula Thu 10-Jun-04 18:09:34

my argument for is - why get a flatpacked kitchen when you can have a constructed, custom built (ie they make the cabinets/drawers to YOUR specs so you can have what you really want) for the same price? Much sturdier too.

Beccles Thu 10-Jun-04 19:46:19

Message withdrawn

robinw Fri 11-Jun-04 06:25:22

message withdrawn

Crunchie Fri 11-Jun-04 10:57:27

West Bergholt.

Seriously do try the yellow pages and ring round for a fitter, if you tell me who you called I should be able to remember one that I nearly used (I got a good gut feeling from him), but I didn't actually use him.

Or contact Wentworth and simply ask the cheeky question, could they recommend any freelance kitchen fitters??

Debra66horses Mon 05-Aug-13 08:00:06

Has anyone ever had a John Lewis kitchen fitted I've seen one in their range I like they are quite expensive, does anyone know if you can buy straight from the manufacturer and who that is thank you : )

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