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IKEA sniglr

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Coldest Thu 14-Jul-16 23:04:43

Anyone got this cot? How is it? Need a cot for a baby to last for a year as she can then move into her sisters bigger cotbed. Any good or bad reviews thanks

Flowerbunty Thu 14-Jul-16 23:15:55

Can't help with the cot exactly, but I had the toddler bed from that range and it was fab! So sturdy, my DS and I could both lie on it and I never once worried that it was going to collapse!

Hope this helps smile

Coldest Thu 14-Jul-16 23:37:27

Thanks flowerbunty. I want to know how easy it is to assemble disassemble and reassemble as we move rooms around and IKEA furniture gives me a headache

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