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lille bedside cot???

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Carameli Tue 16-Jan-07 13:25:43

Has anyone got one? I have one which is currently at my MiL's loft and we are getting it back at the weekend but I want to order a new mattress but cannot find the dimensions for it.

Can anyone help me?

hana Tue 16-Jan-07 13:26:48

who makes it?
can't you go to their website and find the dimensions?

Carameli Tue 16-Jan-07 13:28:55

we bought it from toys r us but they don't seem to stock it anymore.

MoseGirl Sat 20-Jun-09 23:02:21

I still have this cot - really should get around to selling it! Anyway the mattress is 120cm L x 60 cm W. Hope that helps - it was a very useful and economical purchase!smile

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