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anyone got a bebecar racer city pushchair with air wheels?

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nappyaddict Mon 15-Jan-07 00:57:42

there was an ad for one in the newsagents and i remember vaguely looking at one in toys r us last year but can't really remember it too well. does it have suspension in the frame, so it bounces iykwim?

nappyaddict Thu 22-Feb-07 04:35:37

giving this a bump.

the one advertised had already been sold when i rang but now looking to get one off ebay hopefully.

does anyone know if you can remove all the wheels or only the back ones?

kiskidee Thu 22-Feb-07 05:51:28

sounds dead fancy. like one of those super duper trainers that american teens run out to buy. [sorry nappyaddict, jsut had to say]

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