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Littlelife Rucksacks

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Wendy2999 Mon 09-May-16 00:13:18

Had a horrible incident with one of these and our lively 2 year old granddaughter today. She had the back pack on and I was holding the rein at the handle, I looked around to speak to someone for a millisecond and she managed to spin around and the rein wrapped around her neck, causing her to scream and leave a nasty red mark where it had caught her. I was with her as were her parents and a lot of others and all instructions had been followed. I immediately returned the item to the shop and got a full refund, think I prefer to go for the original old fashioned reins. Please be aware of this, my suggestion would be, if you use one, make sure you do not use the rein fully extended to the handle but to make sure it is very short.

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