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Views on Six Kitchens, Exeter

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PulledMuscleOuch Sat 07-May-16 08:32:49

Hi as per my other posts I am looking for recommendations for our new kitchen which is imminent so I need to get moving and decide who to go with.

Someone has recommended Six Kitchens in Exeter - a quick google has given me their website and I can see that they are perhaps a step up from magnet and howdens - so I would daresay I am looking at a greater expense here. Fine.

I just need views on the company and if you've used them what we're their good snd bad points?

callow Mon 09-May-16 13:56:38

I had a kitchen from System Six two years ago and I am still very happy. They only provided the kitchen to me, I had my builder install it. They make their own carcasses onsite and get the doors from Europe (like most other kitchen places).

I found them comparative in price, but also got a very good deal from them for my granite worktop.

The only bad point was when the kitchen was measured there was not enough leeway for slightly off walls (it being a Victorian house) and so the area for my fridge freezer was slightly reduced.

Good points were that when after a few months some of the doors were slightly off kilter they send someone out to readjust them.

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