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Quinny Zapp raincover...why won't it fit?

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jojoredberry Wed 06-Feb-13 14:26:20

I have found a temporary cure for making a Quinn Zapp rain cover fit better. I have added about 4 inches of velcro to both velcro fastenings at the foot end. They must be X and Y so that they stick. This means it's not so tight. Sadly I had some lying around when I had the idea about 10 minutes ago. Bought it from Lidl a few weeks ago but you could get it from a fabric or craft shop I guess.
Hope this it helpful

kenwood Sun 28-Jan-07 22:57:43

They had a black qunny zapp in my local boots for £75 , its not on line so they might just be having a store clearout,it might be worth trying your local boots that sell prams if you decide to get one .

mishw Sat 27-Jan-07 09:17:11

So is the Zapp a good pushchair?

I currently have a Jane Powertrack 360 but it is quite big and bulky (it takes up the whole of the boot of the car) and leaves no room for anything else. DD2 will be 8/9 months when we go away later in the year and I don't feel the usual stroller will be comfotable enough for her so have been looking at the Zapp instead (there is no way DH will let me buy another travel system!) I do have the car seat that attaches to the Zapp, so just looking for advice or recommendations now.


gingermonkey Thu 11-Jan-07 18:21:44

thanks tink, emailed you back

tinkerbellie Thu 11-Jan-07 16:00:41

hi gingermonkey have emailed you about footmuff

kenwood Wed 10-Jan-07 23:33:37

We've got the Quinny Zapp raincover, and after numerous struggles, solved the fitting problems by removing some of the velcro fastening and replacing it with a small piece of black elastic and chunky press studs.
This allows a bit more give when trying to fasten it.
I know you shouldn't need to do this but we like the pram and other uiniversal covers didn't fit right.

gingermonkey Wed 10-Jan-07 16:38:40

Yes I do. Ds is 15mths and just too big for it, he looks like a caterpillar (as I said before!). Um, I don't know. £10 plus a couple of quid for postage? email me if you like, Oh, it's black (and I've used it 2 x)

tinkerbellie Wed 10-Jan-07 12:07:41

hi gingermonkey do you really want to get ride of your quinny footmuff, cos if so if its black i'll have it how much do you want for it?

tinkerbellie Wed 10-Jan-07 09:58:58

hi i have a quinny and was fuming yesterday when it was raining horizontally
always take dd out of the pushchair and into school for 5 mins when i drop ds off, imagine my surprise when i got back outside to see my raincover was half way down thwe playground!! it's the most rubbish raincover i have ever had on a pushchair!
i have ordered one from toys r us its ace it has little flowers on it and is framed over the hood( ithink that the quinny raincover makes the hood fall back)
as for the footmuff i have had a quinny one before but couldn't get along with it as it slides down there is nothing to hold it up apart from the straps, but was going to get another as it is getting colder, at the moment i have one that is a bit like a buggy snuggle from toys r us it was £30 and is pink with a littke kitty on the front and even comes with a toy attached!!

sorry love anything girly

katzg Wed 10-Jan-07 09:50:48

its not perfect but it does the job, also i can get my quinny to fold up with it on, although i haven't tried to put it in the bag with it on.

gingermonkey Wed 10-Jan-07 09:46:33

Thank you Katzg. That looks really snuggly - good name for it then! I'll have a look for one and won't have the traumas with the stupid quinny one!

katzg Tue 09-Jan-07 15:52:07


mines like this obly fluffy fur and no flower but this make

katzg Tue 09-Jan-07 15:49:18

i think its called a baby snuggle, its pink and fluffy! and has thick cord to attach it to the frame and its long enough to go the bottom of the footrest but doesn't reach the ground, however it is water proof will try to find a link to one, i bought mine at a nearly new sale.

gingermonkey Tue 09-Jan-07 13:52:21

Junk, the quinny one is like a sleeping bag and my ds looks like a caterpillar in it. I also can't get the straps right on it when I have it on so he can get out or just falls out. It was a complete waste of money (but I haven't told DH that because he thinks the mini is a silly car to have with 2 kids and only told me I could get one if a found a pushchair that would fit, thinking they didn't exist. Silly man!).
Katzg, what have you got on yours? I need something. The little man is getting chilly (and wet!!!!, thanks to the inferior rain cover!).

katzg Tue 09-Jan-07 13:21:20

oh i have got a snuggle something or other cosey toes on mine and its great! also bought a goes underneath basket off of ebay for £15 which was good!

junkinmytrunk Tue 09-Jan-07 13:21:06

I have basket on the back that I keep that useless raincover in.
I'm looking for a suitable footmuff for it but think that the quinny one looks like a sleeping bag!

gingermonkey Tue 09-Jan-07 13:19:07

Although I am very happy with my zapp usually because it's meant I can have a mini (hooray!!!!) the raincover is pants and so is the footmuff. If any of you are thinking of buying a footmuff, don't. You can have mine if you like!, it's cluttering up the garage and winding me up! And obviously if you hang any small thing off the handles the whole buggy tips over (with lo in it!). I did buy a buggy basket and bag thing from ebay tho, which has been very useful and that tipping problem has been solved (as well as meaning I don't have to have a huge rucksack strapped to my back with all ds's necessarys in it!).
I have tried the rain cover all sorts of ways but it just doesn't work.....

hollyandalice Tue 09-Jan-07 13:17:19

Hi, I have the same prob. It is a pile of poo!! If I do manage to get it on then dd just rips it straight off again (due to crappy velcro fixings)! I have found raincoats and hats much more practical, a bit of rain doesn't do her any harm, in fact she quite enjoys it!!!

flamesparrow Tue 09-Jan-07 13:14:43

Oh yes, forgot that - definately just put the bottom through the teeny bit in the middle

katzg Tue 09-Jan-07 13:13:26

i found the trick was to put top bit on over the handles then the bottom bit round the fabric only and not the frame

liath Tue 09-Jan-07 13:10:23

It's a cr*p rain cover, doesn't fit properly. Always makes me swear.

flamesparrow Tue 09-Jan-07 13:07:11

Because its f*ckin cr*p

I have the same arguement with mine often.

You have to fasten sort of through the bar that goes between the handles, not around the handles themselves like a normal rain cover. I find it easier to do bottom, then top, so that the hood doesn't shut as you do it.

I love my zapp for size, but hate it for the rain issue

junkinmytrunk Tue 09-Jan-07 13:04:02

Its really getting on my nerves now.

If i Velcro around the handles first, it won't fit at the bottom and keeps flying up and if I fasten the bottom first then it won't fit around the handles...

Is this a regular problem or do I just have a duff raincover?

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