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Lost battery cover for Rockit - what to do???

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Hulababy Wed 26-May-04 21:28:57

DD has a much beloved Rockit soft toy. It needed new batteries last week so I took the plastic screw down cover off and removed old ones - so I could take one in to the shops to get right replacements. Well, I got home, replaced batteries and guess what??? I have lost the screw down cover!

Anyone know if and where I can get a replacement?
Or how can I keep the batteries safe from DD - she is just 2?
Would masking tape or parcel tape be strong enough - the cover was hidden under a velcro down material cover?

I have had to hide Rockit at the moment but DD keeps asking for him

Hulababy Wed 26-May-04 22:03:42

No advice anyone???

katzguk Wed 26-May-04 22:05:21

any chance of contacting the manufacturer for a new one?

Hulababy Wed 26-May-04 22:07:21

Tgiught about that and will have to resort to that maybe over half term (when I have more time). Temporarily was thinking of going with heavy duty tape and sewing the material together over the top of it (where the velcro is).

woodpops Wed 26-May-04 22:09:44

Either contact the manufacturer or (this is going to sound awful) buy another Rocket take the cover off, put it on your Rocket and take the new Rocket back to the shop for a refund because it's not got a battery cover. You wouldn't want a refund because you wouldn't have any faith in the product if something as simple as a battery cover is missing. How naughty is that??? Someone suggested I do that for something before but I never had the guts to do it!!!!

Beetroot Wed 26-May-04 22:11:08

Message withdrawn

katzguk Wed 26-May-04 22:11:28

whih rockit is it? there are a few on ebay

Hulababy Wed 26-May-04 22:14:40


It is the talking Rockit that came out this year. This one here

helenmc Thu 27-May-04 12:50:18

what about going to an optician- glasses have tiny screws

SoupDragon Thu 27-May-04 12:54:11

The cover will turn up. Generally just after you've come up with a solution.

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