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Please talk to me about air beds/ ready beds etc.

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Bouncearound Mon 04-Apr-16 18:24:13

We are going on holiday next month and have booked a family room with a double and two singles.
We have three children aged 12,8 and 2 and previously the youngest has slept in a cot but is now too big for it. The hotel have said they are happy for us to fit in however we can and I need a solution!

DC 3 has never slept in a 'proper' bed before (she has a cot bed) but I'm not sure how she'd cope with an air bed. I think the best solution would be some kind of air/ ready bed that any of the dc could sleep in, maybe taking it in turns.
Does such a thing exist? Could I wedge suitcases down each side in case dc3 falls out?!
Sorry for the waffling but any ideas much appreciated smile

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