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An eglu for princesspeahead

(6 Posts)
maomao Wed 26-May-04 12:53:56

Check it /link{}

Saw this in a magazine, and thought of you!

maomao Wed 26-May-04 12:55:02

Darn. Try again here.

CODalmighty Wed 26-May-04 12:58:37

I think she got her hens last week! did you see my other chicekn thread form/ ?monday?

maomao Wed 26-May-04 13:00:16

Yes, but didn't read all the way thru. Does the thread say what she's named them? (I have to just come out and say that I've always wanted to keep chickens....)

CODalmighty Wed 26-May-04 13:01:07

NO but miggy said she was going to name hers after mners....

CountessDracula Wed 26-May-04 13:06:16

That is fantastic! Worth getting chickens for IMO

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