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School trousers

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KMG Sun 12-May-02 18:00:28

ds has sensitive skin, and has always worn 100% cotton, but now I start looking at school trousers, they seem to be 50% to 100% polyester, which I think sounds horrible. Even in M&S the trousers are 60 or 70% polyester. The shop assistant was very helpful, but told me that cotton school trousers tend to wear very badly, and that these modern teflon coated polyester ones are much better. I have found some 100% cotton ones mail-order, but they are about twice as expensive, and I'm reluctant to lay out the cash if they are not going to stand up to the rough and tumble of school.

What do you think? Has anyone had children who've had skin problems because of school trousers?

SueW Sun 12-May-02 19:49:48

Oooh, don't get me started on this one! DD's school summer uniform is a green striped dress. It is only available from one place, the school uniform supplier and costs 18.99 (she's 5yo). They have something similar, but not quite the same, in Woolies for 7.99.

Ah, thinks I, DD's will be pure cotton as it's more than twice the price. Is it 'eckers! It's 65 poly/35 cotton. And made to be worn in the summer. Outrageous.

It's made in Scotland though so no doubt I'm paying through the nose for supporting UK industry!!

Sorry, went off into one there. If you think the poly mix trousers will upset his skin, then you only have one choice don't you? Buying poly mix would just end up being money wasted.

lou33 Sun 12-May-02 22:31:24

Sue W I am SO with you on this one! Dd is 10 and her uniform is only available at one supplier, and the school is very strict about not using other cheaper stores. Recently had to buy her a new tracksuit for p.e, which is hardly ever used but insisted upon, and it cost £33! Cardigans are £20, skirts £25 and her blazer cost me £60 last time we had to buy one! I wonder whether her school gets some of the profits! And they are no better made than cheaper stores - buttons still fall off, seams go etc....

SueW Mon 13-May-02 09:41:45

lou33, ooooh, it's so annoying! The hem on one of DD's dresses came down on the first wash. I had to snip no end of threads off where it hasn't been properly finished. The buttons don't come out of the holes properly because of more loose threads so I've had to sort those out. Aaaargh!

I know I should complain to the shop really. Or lead a campaign with the other parents. At least the stuff goes for a reasonable price in the 2nd hand shop.

Rhiannon Mon 13-May-02 14:45:40

Kmg, couldn't you put him in some undies like long trunks that are fashionable at the moment? He could wear them under the shorts. R

Copper Tue 14-May-02 11:31:04

how strict is your school? Our school specifies dark grey or black, but after that your can pretty well choose what you want as long as it is plain. I have managed to keep mine in pure cotton as a result, although this will unfortunately have to stop at secondary, as that school doesn't allow trousers with rivets. Mind you, I have had to resort to dying pale grey to dark grey sometimes. Try the Kids Stuff catalogue. They last as well as polyester (i.e. they go through at the knees with unfortunate accidents) but take longer to dry obviously.

I do think the box shorts idea is a good one, though.

lou33 Tue 14-May-02 12:03:47

SueW, and the school is so unhelpful with her uniform too! Dd had pe and while out in the playground another teacher decided to use the changing rooms, so just pushed all the kids clothes into a heap. Of course dd comes to get dressed and finds not all her stuff is there, and despite saying to school that this was their fault so they should replace it, we have had nothing back! Asking the other children to check their clothes at home for dd's has had no success either. Very cheeky I think.

KMG Wed 15-May-02 04:24:00

Thanks for your suggestions. I like the undies suggestion Rhiannon, and will look that up. The school are quite strict, Copper. The 'school trousers' from Kids Stuff are the wrong grey - too dark! I got some other trousers from them - plain-ish ones, but they're not the right style. Glad to hear they last well though.

robinw Sun 08-Sep-02 18:08:18

message withdrawn

kmg1 Thu 01-May-03 20:22:00

Sezza - this is for you. It was Rhiannon - thank you Rhiannon!

Rhiannon Fri 02-May-03 19:02:44

No worries, how sad am I, still here a year later. LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!

jmb1964 Sat 03-May-03 23:56:17

My 5yo ds has eczema and wears navy cotton trousers from Adams, but they have rivets and are a bit jeans-ish, so maybe they wouldn't do. They're dead cheap, so you can just buy another pair when they get worn, although so far he's grown out of them first.

susieb Mon 18-Aug-03 20:14:19

My DS also has eczema and Kids Stuff (aka Great Little Trading Company) have just stopped doing school uniform. Does anyone know where I can get 100% grey cotton trousers?

kmg1 Tue 19-Aug-03 19:45:33

Susieb - I never found any for my boys. But followed Rhiannon's suggestion here, and got ds1 cotton boxers, and it worked for us - despite him never wearing anything except 100% cotton for years ... Hope it works for you, and for my ds2 who starts school this year.

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