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Question for Mac Users. . .

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expatkat Mon 24-May-04 16:26:05

I'm rushing to finish a deadline here and just realized I threw an important document in the "trash." I double clicked on the trash bin, found the document, but when I tried to open it I got the message, "Document cannot be opened. You must drag it out of the trash first."

How the heck do I do that?

Beccarollover Mon 24-May-04 16:40:24

I think you should be able to physically drag it on to the desktop or another directory

Or select the file and click along the top to find the option to restore a deleted file?

expatkat Mon 24-May-04 16:45:12

Thanks, Becca, dragging it to the desktop worked.

I guess they were pretty literal when they said "drag it out of trash." They meant drag it out of trash! Thanks, Becca, what a relief.

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