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Just a quickie. What is the Euro version of UK shoes size 5

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NomDePlume Mon 24-May-04 12:03:46

Well ?


dinosaur Mon 24-May-04 12:04:15


Eve Mon 24-May-04 12:04:45

36 is a I guess 38.

NomDePlume Mon 24-May-04 12:06:48

Cheers ! I was about to order a 37, so you've saved me !

LIZS Mon 24-May-04 12:07:12

Adult or kids - kids is 21/22 adults 38

dinosaur Mon 24-May-04 12:07:32

But if they're Birkenstocks - beware! I'm normally a size 38 but even my spreading pregnant feet will fit into a size 37 in Birkies!

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