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Want to upgrade tv watching - what do I need?

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Tagetes Fri 22-Jan-16 11:33:07

Complete novice here needing advice: we have a first generation flatscreen tv with HDMI output connected to Freesat through an old Sky box and with a DVD/hard disk recorder/player attached. I want to be able to (a) record and watch programmes on different channels at the same time and record different programmes at the same time without watching (b) continue to be able to watch DVDs and (c) continue to be able to connect a laptop. I don't want any subscription channels, and my broadband is flaky at the best of times. Please tell me what kit I need, and whether that includes a new satellite dish and/or tv?

DancingDuck Fri 22-Jan-16 22:53:07

We get all of those through a digibox with Freeview channels and a separate dvd box. No idea how it all connects to the computer but DC do it all the time, so it must have that option too.

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