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baby monitors

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alicatsg Thu 20-May-04 09:24:12

can anyone recommend a baby monitor that does have a temp reading but doesn't automatically beep without ceasing if it goes over 23degrees? The one we have at the moment (Tomy Classic Walkabout?) is driving me mad.

Thanks, S

ps sorry if this is second posting am having issues with my pc

gscrym Thu 20-May-04 09:35:19

We had the Angelcare one and I don't remember it beeping for temperature. We didn't last that long using it though because DS was a noisy sleeper.

lyndap Thu 20-May-04 11:00:32

We have the same monitor and you are right - it's quite literally a bleeping nightmare. We have had to open the windows and put a fan on in our daughter's room to shut it up and then I worry about her freezing during the night!

Flip Thu 20-May-04 11:03:00

Have you tried complaining to Tomy. They like to hear feedback like this. You might even get something out of it.

Flip Thu 20-May-04 11:03:53

BTW - I've got a Tomy classic and it's fine. But I also have an alarm clock in ds2's room which has a digital temperature reader on it.

NomDePlume Thu 20-May-04 11:18:59


You can turn the bleeping off on the tomy ones ! Well, we managed it on the Tomy Classic Digital. You just open up the back of the parent unit where the batteries go and you will see a little grid of small switches. On mine there are 3 switches. One has ALARM next to it, just pull the switch to OFF and the beeping will stop but you'll still have the temp display !

NomDePlume Thu 20-May-04 11:31:37

Sorry, forgot to say that mine is 'Tomy Walkabout digital', but it is the same on my friends higher level model monitors (we also saved her sanity !).

lyndap Thu 20-May-04 11:32:03

Wow! I must check and see if we can turn it off cos other than that, it's a good enough monitor!
Thanks for the tip and I'll post to say if it worked (when I've had the chance to go home and check i.e. I'm not using my pc at work and surfing in company time...

NomDePlume Thu 20-May-04 11:39:53


pesme Thu 20-May-04 11:59:53

thanks nomdeplume, you have just saved me a whole summer of bleeping misery! bring on the bleep free evenings in the garden!

NomDePlume Thu 20-May-04 12:08:38

Glad to be of service !

oliveoil Thu 20-May-04 12:58:00

THIS DRIVES ME MAD TOO! Will have a fiddle (!) with ours when I get home, cheers

princesspeahead Thu 20-May-04 13:19:25

I've just bought a Tomy Walkabout Digital one (because my sooper-dooper phillips digital £20,000 one died within a year. do I have the receipt? no I do not. Aurgh) and freaked when the bloody thing wouldn't stop beeping and flashing at me because of the temperature. what loony designed it? anyway the new ones come with a big sticker on the back of the monitor saying "HOW TO TURN OFF THE ALARM" so they are obviously fed up of calls to their helpline. Anyway mine now doesn't show the temperature, it just says "Hi" permanently. WHich I think means "High" rather than "How are you doing"? Anyway the whole thing is bloody annoying.

oliveoil Thu 20-May-04 13:23:34

You make me laugh

We spent last summer with the bloody thing turned off and kept muting the tv every 3 mins saying 'did you hear anything? Is she crying?' etc

Pain in the arse.

princesspeahead Thu 20-May-04 13:30:06

olive, the other small problem with the phillips rolls-royce one was that it didn't carry from ds's room to either the tv room or my study (ie the two places it would have been useful. So we would have to balance it on the top newel post of the staircase in the hall and watch telly with the door open (complete with the regular muting process you beautifully described), or put it on full volume in the stone floored dining room and hope we would hear his howls echoing around the house. which often we failed to do until he was REALLY cross.
El Cheapo Tomy? Works perfectly in both places. Double Aurgh.

lyndap Thu 20-May-04 13:38:35

Just checked out the Tomy website to see what the deal is with the Walkabout digital model we have and this is what it says:
(Think this re-iterates an earlier posting!)

How do you turn the audible alarm (temperature alarm) off on Walkabout digital [1998] and Walkabout Premier Digital [1237]?

To turn the alarm ‘OFF’ on your Tomy Walkabout Digital and Walkabout Premier Digital, open the battery compartment of the ‘parent unit’. Located in the top left hand corner within the battery compartment you will find 3 switches. One switch states ‘Alarm’ and will be positioned in the ‘ON’ position. To turn the alarm off move this switch to ‘OFF’.
IMPORTANT - This will disable all alarms.

If you ever need advice or have customer questions you would like answers to call the Tomy Careline on 02380 662600

Now, I'm not sure what other alarms it will disable apart from temperature bleep but will Definitely give it a go!

pamina3 Thu 20-May-04 13:48:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madgirl Thu 20-May-04 15:10:48

so if the alarm beeping grrrr business is sorted would you guys recommend the tomy digital? i am shopping for a new monitor for new arrival in july

princesspeahead Thu 20-May-04 15:49:48

seems fine otherwise madgirl. except by turning off the alarm it means you don't get warned if the parent unit is running out of charge - eg if you are carrying it around or have it in the garden etc. which is a useful alarm if you are like me, and take it out of the cradle in the day and just recharge it at night, generally. I wish they just bloody didn't do a temperature alarm. what is the point? they tell you the temperature, why have an alarm? Don't they know that the UK goes over 21degrees on a regular basis?!

madgirl Thu 20-May-04 19:15:37

so pph would you say buy one or do you reckon i should get another one? sorry, i have to blame my indecisiveness and pantness on heat and up duffness

princesspeahead Thu 20-May-04 19:27:11

well on balance if you can get one that has an alarm for useful things - like going out of range, or battery low - and not for duff things like temperature, then that has to be better. otherwise you'll have to turn the alarm off and then won't know if you've gone too far away from the base unit or your battery has run out.
I'd go to john lewis and have a scout around - mothercare seemed only to do Tomy (or at least mine did)

stripey Thu 20-May-04 21:19:09

I have the Maws Reassurance 8 now made by Tommee Tippee has digital temp but alarm only goes off if baby stops moving/breathing not related to temp. The only drawback I can see about it is the price around £100 but sometimes on special.

alicatsg Mon 24-May-04 12:03:21

Hallelujah, praise be, etc etc. Bleeping off, baby monitored, all is well with the world.

Thanks all.


NomDePlume Mon 24-May-04 12:05:48

, I love it when my 'advice' proves useful !

Galaxy Mon 24-May-04 12:09:26

message withdrawn

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