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Hudl2 time limit problem

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Ohforfucksake Fri 08-Jan-16 22:26:55

Has anyone else got a Hudl2, and can help me?!

When the time limit is reached (as set in parental controls) it turns off very suddenly to the time out screen. However it leaves whatever apps were being used running in the background, wasting battery and making noise!

Worse still it counts those running apps as 'being used' so by the next day, it thinks all the time has been used again so DS1 can't get on.

The only way round it is a lengthy fanny-about by me (technophobe) involving looking in as a parent, typing PIN numbers, extending time limits, logging out, into child profile, shut down apps, back in as parent, readjust time limit for next day.

Every. Single. Time.

Is there a better way?! Help!


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