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Fridge freezer

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LondonEasy Tue 29-Dec-15 23:41:09

Had Bosch Fridge freezer fixed when the freezer was not working last year. Clever chap worked it out and I paid him £50 last year. Now the freezer bit is collecting ice at the bottom. its a de-frosting one. I've had it for years.
Can't seem to get hold of clever clogs to fix it. What would be a good FF with 4 or 5 freezer drawers and at least 4 shelves.

Latest Bosch don't seem to have quality and seem to be getting bad reviews for flimsy easy breaking shelves and drawers. Samsung and Beko seem a liability. Not sure whats left that reasonable. Can't afford to go Smeg. Will get freestanding one. Looks ugly but will have to endure. Any suggestions welcome. John Lewis surprisingly don't have 5 year guarantees and would seem dicey choice.

Had anyone bought a good Fridge Freezer recently.

LondonEasy Wed 30-Dec-15 00:19:36

Why do most FF's have only 3 baskets now. Have flatmates and really need more. Is there any benefit to having only 3?

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